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A recruitment assignment can only be successful if we have an in-depth understanding of your business, the position being applied for and the type of person being sought.

We are true New Media Specialist. We know your space ,market and the people in it…

As a result we have amassed an extensive network of high calibre candidates;wecare passionately about your reputation as much as our own be sure we will represent your brand(or you) effectively and accurately.

We pride ourself on the philosophy that matching qualified people with the right positions leads to long-lasting relationships with valued clients as well as candidates.

We implement skills assessement, needs-matching techniques.

We hope to be a representation of your company, helping to fullfill your firm’s staffing solutions.our goal is to creat ongoing business relations with our clients.

We pride ourselves in creating a long lasting, mutually beneficial working relationship. New Media Talent’s mission is to ensure that each client saves valuable time by interviewing only the most qualified candidates.

For further enquiries please contact Bryan Khumalo at bryank@newmediatalent.co.za




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